Some would say being born at just one pound eleven ounces at twenty-five weeks and one day, and considered a micro preemie could be tale signs of fundamental challenges. But for Micah Ollie Davis his only challenge is determining what song he will compose next. We recently interviewed the 11-year-old who aspires to be an engineer about his journey creating the self-composed song “The Boy’s Sorrow”.

We asked Micah how long have you been playing the piano? Surprisingly what we thought would be years of training turned out to be just six months of creativity overflowing. Since December of 2017, when Micah received his first keyboard gifted to him by his grandmother for Christmas. Micah was inspired and took right to it. Ignoring the beginners “How to” manual much like the instructions on how to assemble a piece of furniture, the then 10-year-old began to self-teach himself to play. One finger, one key at a time jotting down each music note in his notebook or tablet but instead of the outcome being a dresser missing screws and destine to fall over. Micah constructed a master piece in just one month that has brought tears the eyes of family and friends.

After completing his composition Micah told his parents he wanted to perform his song for the up and coming school recital. Encourage by his parents Micah ask his music teacher if he could play his song and was welcomed to do so. We can officially call this his debut to the world as he was granted a solo and mention under Special performance in the school program flyer. And would later perform on stage receiving a roar of applause with his 5th grade band as the backdrop. But, before his moment in the spotlight, it was in preparation for his performance when mom asked, what are you going to call your song? Thinking the 10-year-old would come up with a name equal to the fun, charismatic innocents of a ten-year-old. Micah replied, “The Boy’s Sorrow”. When asked why he chose the name. Micah’s response would tug at the heart strings as he dedicated his song to all the grandparents or family members he lost over the years. Fortunate to meet three generation of grandparents who have either lived or surpassed one hundred years. Micah has shared their joy and love but has also shared the sorrow of losing multiple grandparents in the year of 2017. And thus, deeply roots the now 11-year old’s first composed song “The Boy’s Sorrow” in meaning, love, family and genius.

To-date, Micah still aspired to be an engineer in hopes of owning his own toy manufacturing company and spends countless time playing with his over 12,000 and counting pieces of Lego’s, building and letting his imagination run wild. As for music, he is currently working on his next composition and will take both “The Boy’s Sorrow” and the next unnamed masterpiece into the recording studio.