So, if you’re like me. We like our overnight bags to last longer than an overnight stay but cost less than one. I mean who are we kidding. $1200 for a Lotuff’s No 12-weekend bag? Sure, if you can afford to spend $1200 on something to hold your $50 pair of underwear and $600 pair of sunglasses. Don’t get me wrong is it a nice bag? Yes. But the average person is looking for something a little more practical. The Franklin Michelle Light Weight Overnight Duffle Bag for $110 packs the list full of benefits. But has some main reason you should consider.

4 main reasons why it is the perfect overnight bag. 

1. The shape is designed with no sharp corners. So, go ahead swing it over your shoulder.

2. It’s light weight man made material makes it durable and easy to toss around. And flexible enough to fit in tight spaces.

3. It’s big enough to pack a full weekends worth of clothes and your favorite pair of shoes. But small enough to carry on the plane.

4. It’s very stylish, Handmade with quality in America, and won’t break the bank.